ASB Basic Approach to Corporate Governance

To maximize corporate value for all parties involved in the company, we aim at improving the efficiency, soundness, fairness and transparency of our management. We believe that maximizing corporate value from the standpoint of shareholders is the basic purpose of corporate governance and is therefore the prime responsibility for management. In the process of business execution, we believe that it is important to make effective the roles of the board of directors, corresponding to the internal organization and division of duties.

Governance System

This company has a board of corporate auditors and has appointed 10 directors (including 3 outside directors) and 3 auditors (including 2 outside auditors).
We have established a “Global Promotion Meeting” consisting of Directors and General Managers. With consideration and deliberation, together they will implement the measures for crucial and management agendas made by the Board of Directors. By determining significant management principles, they are aiming to establish a flexible management structure that can promptly respond to changes in the business environment.

This company has appointed three outside directors to manage and audit the business execution of directors from a neutral and impartial standpoint, and at the same time strengthen the corporate governance.

The internal structure of our Corporate Governance is as follows;

Organization chart

Corporate Compliance Principles

1. To our customers:

  • ① By understanding the customer’s needs, we offer suitable high technologies and sufficient services.
  • ② We always pursue the customer’s satisfaction and sincerely respond to the customer’s requirement from their point of view.
  • ③ We will never enforce unfair trading methods or conduct any unfair deal.
  • ④ We will never offer any entertainment or gift for the purpose of obtaining an unreasonable profit.
  • ⑤ We will keep the information related to the customer and personnel confidential and will protect against leakage.

2. For society and the environment:

  • ① We will never conduct any illegal business activity or and will maintain business rules in a free and fair way.
  • ② We will create, protect, and utilize intellectual property rights while respecting the intellectual property rights of others.
  • ③ In order to conduct the export businesses properly, we will strictly comply with the laws related to export and import, the international and local regulations while also respecting local cultures and customs.
  • ④ We will never conduct any deal with criminal groups or persons.
  • ⑤ For the future of our planet, we always try our best to reduce the burden on the environment resulting from our business activities

3. To our shareholders and investors:

  • ① We will always pursue the continued existence, and expansion of our company value.
  • ② We disclose information related to management of the company in a proper and timely manner.
  • ③ We will never engage in insider trading.

4. To our business partners:

  • ① We will always offer fair and transparent deals with our business partners to encourage mutual prosperity.

5. To our employees:

  • ① We will comply with the labor regulation and provide a safe and vibrant working environment.
  • ② We never conduct or allow any activity of discrimination or any sexual harassment.
  • ③ We will respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our employees, and will not act in a manner that infringes on them.
  • ④ We will promote a work-life balance and build a system that enables diverse human resources to work together effectively.

Internal Notification System

We are setting up a service where persons who engaged in our business can report and consult facts that were found to be in violation of compliance during the process of performing our business.By introducing this system, we will enable faster detection of compliance violations.

Based on this internal declaration, our president can directly order and guide the relevant departments to take the corrective indications, improve compliance violations, and take preventive measures. By operating this system, we believe that we can realize a company that does not violate compliance.


In 2019, our new Chikumagawa Factory acquired ISO 14001, an international standard for environmental management systems. We are working on various eco activities with the aim of becoming an eco-friendly factory in the region.

Certification Date

12th, June, 2019

Certification Name

ISO 14001:2015, JIS Q 14001:2015

Certification Scope

Manufacture of Blow Molding Machine, Injection Molding Machine, Mold and Auxiliary Equipment

Certification Coverage

Chikumagawa Factory

Certification Authority

Bureau Veritas Certification Holding -SAS