NISSEI ASB Machine Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ASB”) views personal information of customers, shareholders, business contracts and our executive and regular employees received in the course of business as a significant asset for ASB, and we will make great effort to protect personal information according to the following policies.

  • ASB complies with all applicable laws, and government regulations, guidelines, and standards pertaining to personal information security.
  • ASB obtains personal information in the correct and right procedure and manages them safely.
  • ASB does not use the personal information for purposes other than which the one the company collected the information for.
  • ASB does not submit personal information to a third party without consent of the person, except as required by a law enforcement agency.
  • ASB limits information only to necessity when the company submits them to outsourcing companies, and obliges them to administrate personal information and overlooks them appropriately.
  • ASB makes an effort to let our employees, including executives, share a common understanding of these privacy policies and company regulations, and on that basis commits to protecting personal information.
  • ASB strives to prevent leakage, loss and damage of personal information taking security measure for safety.

NISSEI ASB Machine Co. Ltd.