PF36 Series

High output 1.5-step PET bottle molding.
Higher quality production & vastly reduced space compared to 2-step molding.

Building on the success of the previous model ASB’s innovative PF36 Series, is an incredibly compact molding solution that provided high output of PET bottles. In this system, PET resin is molded first into preforms, then directly into bottles all within one machine ensuring the highest possible container quality and visual appeal that easily surpasses 2-step molding methods yet does so within just 25-30% of the factory space required by a competitive 2-step system.
The PF 36 Series consists of four models;



  • Advanced “Vision1” Control System
  • Energy Saving Molding Process
  • More Compact Than Equivalent 2-Step Molding
  • Higher Quality Than 2-Step Molding
  • Hybrid Operation
  • Cavitation Optimized for Various Products
  • Optimized Injection & Blow Molding
  • Neck Orientation Option Available
  • In-Mold Handle Processing (PF36/12H-5000 model)
  • Post Molding Handle / Deep Pinch Grip Handle Technology
    (except PF36/36-600 model)


Beverages, edible oil, salad dressing, seasoning, detergent, household, liquor, general foods, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, etc.


PET, recycled PET, PEN , PLA etc.


Round, non-round, oval, square, ultra-light, handled etc.

Typical Containers


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