First, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our shareholders and investors, for your continued support.
 This is to inform you of our Company’s Consolidated Business Result for the first half, the accumulative 2nd quarter, of the 43rd fiscal year (the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021). On this occasion, we would like to say a few words.
 As for this period, despite worldwide expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, growing demand for safe and hygienic plastic containers led by the COVID-19 crisis adding to enhanced competitiveness by market penetration of our own technology, “Zero Cooling System” resulted in Company to stably receive inquiries for molding machines to produce PET bottles. As for the financial results for this period, among such a situation, we renewed the highest record of orders received, sales and profits in each phase as shown in the relevant pages. Once again, we would like to thank you, our shareholders and investors, for your support and partnership.
 Although uncertainty in the external environment caused by the COVID-19 crisis is assumed to continue, going forward, we will continue strategic measures to prepare for expansion of our business scale maintaining the policy of medium-to-long-term growth. More specifically, we will proactively promote strategic measures such as sales expansion by further market penetration of the “Zero Cooling System”, expansion of our shares in mass-production machines market and development of environment-conscious technologies. In production front, we will construct flexible production system to optimize our entire group’s global production, such as by deploying facility to retouch molds in HQ factory and additional capital investment to India plant.
 We hope our shareholders and investors will look forward to our Company’s further growth, and we would greatly appreciate your continued support and encouragement.

June 2021
Representative Director, Chairman and CEO
Daiichi Aoki

Representative Director, President and COO
Junichi Miyasaka