A breakthrough for molding small, wide-mouthed containers.

Using the same double row cavity methodology as the ASB-70DPW, we pursued even more versatility and productivity, resulting in the creation of the ASB-150DPW. Having similar specifications to the ASB-150DP, yet being able to mold more cavities, it offers the highest production output balanced with versatility in the ASB series. The ASB-150DPW has become the ASB series flagship model ? for small to medium sized bottles and jars in a variety of molding resins there is no equal.



  • Perfect for Mass Production of Small and Medium Containers
  • Two-Row Cavity Layout, High Productivity
  • Stacked Blow Mold
  • Conditioning Station for Flexible molding
  • Excellent Cost Performance


Food (e.g., condiments, dry goods, peanut butter, salad dressing, coffee granules), liquor, infusion bottles, baby feeding bottles, cosmetics, pharmaceutical.


PET, PP, PC, PLA, PEN, PS, recycled PET, etc.


Jar, oval, PET Can, irregular, ultra-light, etc.

Typical Containers


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ASB-150DP Series